Experience the Knowing Field

Systemic Constellations provide a more holistic way of working with the dynamics influencing our lives.

Tap into the resources of Systems for healing, growth, and insight.

Are you seeking a fresh perspective on a persistent problem?
Do you have the sense that the origins of your current struggle may be much older or larger than from just the events of your lifetime to-date?
Are you curious about a whole new way of learning?
Do you long for a spiritual connection to life, earth, and/or other people that you sense exists, yet can’t quite access as fully as you would like?
“Tranquillity and clarity of perception are made possible by consenting to the world as it is without any intention to change it. That’s fundamentally a religious attitude, because it aligns me with a greater whole without separating me from it…. I call this attitude ‘humility’…” – Bert Hellinger, Loves Hidden Symmetry

Discover the depth of psychological, emotional, and spiritual resources available to us all when we learn how to access them

Systems abound here on earth and they contain resources that far exceed our perceived-individual ‘knowing,’…

  • in nature we find ecosystems, complex webs of relationships among the beings
  • among people we find family systems: generations of ancestral relationships influenced and influencing each other, while being influenced and influencing their place and time
  • in businesses and organizations we find various operational systems, with roles and processes that affect purpose, productivity, profit, and flow.

I offer three applications of Systemic Constellations:

Within each application, various specific forms and exercises may be employed depending on the expressed intention, the setting, and number of participants. Forms can be adapted to work with individuals or groups, in-person or on-line. The common features of Systemic Constellations in all three applications are that some representatives are physically arranged in the space within which we are working that are related to the current question, focus, or concern. From there, participants and facilitator tune into the information available with their bodies and senses and simply report what they are experiencing and often experiment with different movements. Remarkably and consistently, the respective soul of the family, earth, or organizational system, conveys what is needed to bring about a compassionate resolution for the highest good of all concerned. 


Family Constellations are a means to address and correct patterns of transgenerational transmission of trauma, which promotes healing of our whole family system by reaffirming love and support among ourselves, our ancestors, and our descendants.

When practiced in groups, the representatives and witnesses often benefit from new insights and experience greater compassion as much as the primary client presenting the issue or concern.

I am deeply inspired by the benefit this practice brings to our children and future generations for their emotional and psychological freedom, as well as the prospects it holds for collective healing and peacemaking of tragic historical wounds among groups of people that have occurred through violence and widespread forms of oppression. 

“The power of the soul to affirm life after tragedy is miraculous, so even in the case of great damage, there’s still hope”  – Bert Hellinger, Loves Hidden Symmetry
Nature Constellations engage the knowing field among the natural elements, often by being conducted outdoors where earth, sky, water, plants, and animals participate as representatives alongside human participants. Nature constellations may be used to address issues of environmental or ecological concern such as land or animal stewardship decisions, or pressing environmental issues.

They can also be used to renew our personal or collective (human) relationship with nature, while harnessing the nurturing potential of the great earth and all beings. Honoring all our relationships with the earth community in this way can bring a deep sense of belonging, connection, and trust that deeply nourish our bodies and souls.

“Can you sense the love that burns in your ancestors, their devotion to their families, their land? Receive that love as their gift to you…Your ancestors have gifts from their suffering, too: courage, endurance, resilience, stubborn perseverance. Receive these as their gifts to you.” – Joanna Macy

Organizational Constellations engage the roles within a business or organization and the vital elements involved such as the client or customer, schedules, finances, or marketing. Questions about roles and relationships of personnel in a company or organization can be safely explored and provide new insights for management, and guidance can be sought about product development or branding.  Honoring the soul of a business or organization in this way can bring renewed vitality and clarity.

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