At Compassionate Resolutions

My deepest aspiration is to contribute to greater personal and global, social and ecological, peace and justice. 

By integrating contemplative practices from the world’s wisdom traditions and leading-edge approaches to east-west psychology, I aim to promote learning, healing, growth, and inspired action among counselling clients and program participants.

My mission is to help people learn to resolve their current difficulties with ever greater compassion.

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Based in the Vancouver British Columbia, Canada region delivering services and programs locally and internationally, online and in-person.

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Learn how to navigate difficult emotions, resolve relationship challenges, and develop more connection, intimacy, and meaning in your life,

plus how to break the cycle of unhealthy inherited family relationship patterns; transform the effects of systemic trauma;

and develop greater present-tense awareness, self-compassion, conscious choice, inner peace, and freedom

 Learn to transform overwhelming feelings about the environmental crisis, social injustice, and violence;

plus contribute to healing collective trauma,

and develop a greater sense of resilience, solidarity, inspiration, and sense of personal and collective agency.

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You are wholeheartedly welcome exactly as you are!

I value, support, encourage, and celebrate participation and collaboration with people of all different ages, classes, races, ethnicities, religions, disability status, gender identities, and sexual orientations in all programs and services.

May you feel safe to be your true self here and to fully express yourself.