A Passion for Peacemaking

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) provides a simple, yet profound, way to experience clarity, compassion, and empowerment in all our relationships.

The tasks of expressing ourselves honestly, and
deeply understanding one another, can be challenging.

Do you experience difficulties communicating within important relationships?… with your spouse, parents, child, neighbors, or coworkers?
Seeking a quality of sweetness in your relationships with others or yourself?
Are you frustrated by communication that seems to harden conflict or misunderstanding, despite your best intentions?
Seeking empowerment to address issues of social, ecological, and economic justice in your community?
Learn how to transform the pain of conflict (inner- or inter-personal) into the joyful state of connection with yourself, important others, and with the life force itself.
“I would like us to create peace at three levels and have each of us to know how to do it. First, within ourselves. That is to know how we can be peaceful with ourselves when we’re less than perfect, for example. How we can learn from our limitations without blaming and punishing our self. If we can’t do that, I’m not too optimistic how we’re going to relate peacefully out in the world. Second, between people. Nonviolent Communication training shows people how to create peace within themselves and at the same time how to create connections with other people that allows compassionate giving to take place naturally. And third, in our social systems. To look out at the structures that we’ve created, the governmental structures and other structures, and to look at whether they support peaceful connections between us and if not, to transform those structures.” – Marshall Rosenberg

My approach to NVC primarily focuses on developing the consciousness (an integrated awareness and fundamental perspective) of NVC, trusting that when such consciousness is genuinely present, the verbal and non-verbal communication that follows will serve life. When life is served in this way, we experience a quality of vitality and fulfillment that is the fruit of authentic connection with ourselves, others, and life force.

Such consciousness is cultivated through clear intention, an emphasis on self-awareness of body, speech and mind, and recognition of human needs as living energetic qualities that are universal motivating forces that profoundly influence our behaviour and feelings and unite us among one human family.

The practice of NVC has the potential to enrich your relationships with self, other, and spirit, leading to greater overall life-satisfaction.

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