Emerging Adults

The decisions you make between the ages of 18 and 29 have the potential to shape the rest of your lifetime and affect countless lives, yet school, family, and popular culture often do not provide the guidance and support required to navigate this phase of your life.

Emerging Adults face many important questions
and decisions; it can be downright
dizzying and overwhelming…

This is a time of great excitement, wide open possibilities, freedom, and new responsibilities but it can also be a time of great uncertainty, confusion, and trepidation…

  • What do you want to do? Where do you want to live? How do you want to live (in terms of values, health, and lifestyle)? What do you trust and believe in?
  • Are you taking the right path? Are you making the right choices?
  • Leaving your family/parental home and establishing your own home …or returning to your parental home after being away?
  • Completing schooling… or pursuing further education?
Compassionate Resolutions Widening Circles
  • Starting a relationship; living together; marriage? …or ending a relationship? …or longing for relationship and struggling with loneliness? …or just trying to make sense of sex, intimacy, and the balance between autonomy and belonging.
  • How to be self-reliant? How to meet your own needs, and become financially independent from parents
  • How to be ethical in a variety of situations? With friends and intimate relationships …when making conscientious consumer choices …in all of your communications …with regard to sex, drugs and alcohol, and in terms of livelihood.
  • How to make a difference in the world? What is your role to play in contemporary social and environmental issues such as: class or racial/ethnic social justice issues, the climate crisis, or legacies of collective or transgenerational social traumas?
  • Outgrowing old friendships or activities? …longing to develop healthy friendships and a dependable social network, yet finding this hard to do?
  • Wondering about the role of spirituality or meditation in your life? …feel like you are ‘spiritual but not necessarily religious’ but needing guidance with that journey …wanting to explore the mysteries of mind and consciousness, soul, spirit, and nature …longing to truly know your place in the world in the widest sense
  • Coming to terms with grief and loss, such as the death of friend or family member, or the ending of a relationship?
  • Wondering how to tolerate and manage difficult emotions? …how to skillfully navigate anger, grief, despair, and more?

How to do all this and really be yourself ?

– neither just conforming, nor reactively rebelling –

to become truly authentic…
that is the question.

Whether working with me in a group setting or privately one on one,
you will have the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Live in alignment with your values, with integrity and honesty, clarity and strength
  • Make peace with the past and learn to grow through your difficulties
  • Develop and deepen self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion
  • Loosen your grip on your ‘small self’ and explore the transpersonal mysteries of soul and spirit
  • Give up habits that limit you – particularly any ingrained ‘victim identity’ or ‘blame’ habits of mind
  • Listen deeply to yourself and be true to yourself
  • Make decisions that are best for you
  • Resolve conflict within yourself, or between you and another person, with skill and care
  • Develop the capacity to mourn or grieve, and also to deepen gratitude
    Clarify what is most important to you
  • Explore the wonder and challenge of romance in your life
  • Cultivate presence, empathic witnessing and deep listening
  • Develop ways of being of service to the world in your own unique way

In group settings or individual sessions, we will utilize a unique combination of practices and approaches drawn from:


Buddhist psychology and mindfulness 


Nonviolent Communication


Systemic Constellations


Transpersonal counselling psychology

These four traditions are the most powerful means I have found for realizing an enlarged view of the self, others, and the world. Experiencing such a shift in perspective gives rise to greater wisdom, compassion, and internal freedom, which opens up new possibilities in our individual and collective lives.  

Two ways for Emerging Adults to work
with Compassionate Resolutions



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This option suits individuals that are either not interested or not available to join a group series or retreat. Schedule your first individual session here.

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