Conscious Parents

Becoming a parent is a major life transition.
Suddenly you have new responsibilities for
the well-being of future generations.

Conscious Parents recognize that their own personal growth and healing is of great benefit to their children and the world at large.

Painful old unconscious patterns of relating often emerge when you become a parent. They may have been instilled during your own upbringing or that of your spouse/partner, or perhaps they originated due to events further back in your family’s ancestry. Oftentimes neither our own parents, nor grandparents, nor the plethora of behaviour-based parenting programs available these days quite seem to reach the root of the issue
or provide the guidance, support and insight we may need at such a time.

  • Are you longing for relief from difficult emotions or conflict in your relationship with your spouse/partner or child/children?
  • Do you feel like you are having difficulty living up to your own ideals as a parent? Are you longing for understanding and support in this regard? 
  • Have you ever been startled by the thoughts and feelings that arise within you during difficult parenting moments – particularly when stressed? (or even felt a bit ashamed or embarrassed about them after the fact?) 
  • Do you ever feel guilty, frustrated, or worried about your parenting, despite having the very best of intentions? 
  • Feeling like you are stuck in continual conflict and power struggles between you and your spouse/partner, or between you and your child/children?
  • Ever catch yourself thinking, “I sound just like my father/mother” (even after swearing you would never be like them, and that you would parent differently)? 
  • Ever wonder, “where on earth are these thoughts, feelings, or reactions coming from?” 
  • Are you worried that you are fated to repeat the past or wondering how you can possibly change the cycle of inherited family trauma for the sake of your child/children?  
  • Wondering how you could become truly free to choose your words and actions in the present, rather than be compelled by the events of the past?
  • Wondering how you might shift deep unconscious patterns within yourself for the benefit of your child/children?

Both parents and children benefit when parents invest time and energy in their own personal growth and healing.


Whether working with me in a group setting or privately one on one,
you will have the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Develop greater self-awareness of your feelings and needs and ability to attend to them skillfully
  • Discover and deepen self-compassion
  • Clarify healthy boundaries in all your relationships
  • Honour grief and mourning, particularly for regrets and the things we cannot change
  • Deepen gratitude and recognition of blessings
  • Improve and model healthy communication skills
  • Regulate your own nervous system, which helps children regulate theirs
  • Enlarge your perspective about yourself, others and the world at large
  • Practice and grow your capacity for compassion by bearing witness to others
  • Strengthen your commitment and resolve to parent how you truly intend to
  • Practice greater acceptance of yourself, your spouse/partner, and your children
  • Support the dignity of yourself, your children, and your whole family
  • Remove obstructions to the flow of love in the family and re-establish this flow
  • Heal transgenerational or inherited trauma in the family and liberate the past, present and future generations in the process
  • Strengthen connections to your ancestors, a great resource supporting resilience
  • Experience our profound interdependence

In group settings or individual sessions, we will utilize a unique combination of practices and approaches drawn from:


Buddhist psychology and mindfulness 


Nonviolent Communication


Systemic Constellations


Transpersonal counselling psychology

These four traditions are the most powerful means I have found for realizing an enlarged view of the self, others, and the world. Experiencing such a shift in perspective gives rise to greater wisdom, compassion, and internal freedom, which opens up new possibilities in our individual and collective lives.  

Two ways for Conscious Parents to work
with Compassionate Resolutions



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